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If you are looking for kids party entertainment in Sydney and you are looking for something just that little bit different, why not try The Superhero Experience? Our children’s entertainers right here in the heart of Sydney are dedicated to providing a realistic Superhero party experience meaning that your child can have a party that will be a truly memorable experience. Being specialist kids entertainers, we know exactly how to ensure that your party goes down a storm.

We are proud of the fact that we can boast that we have Australia’s highest quality costumes. When you browse through our collection you certainly won’t find any $50.00 Kmart outfits – only the best for your own little superhero! What could be better for a kids birthday party entertainment here in Sydney, than having their own superheroes attend? If you search through our site you will see the costumes that we actually use at parties and you will definitely be impressed.

Our children’s party entertainers will get the party underway with a spectacular rooftop appearance! Your favourite superhero will make a sensational entrance to the party from a rooftop or some other structure that will definitely add to the ‘Wow’ factor! All of our children’s party entertainers are specially trained and will, of course, arrive at the venue early to complete a full inspection. Any props and equipment that may be needed will be secretly planted to add to the whole experience. We will discuss what your child enjoys along with making any final arrangements before the superhero makes his appearance.

Naturally, to become a superhero you must undergo some Superhero Training and our children’s entertainers in Sydney will organise their very own structured training program. This will include events such as Tug of War – a vital part of any superheroes’ strength training, as well as speed training and acrobatic training; something that is essential when it comes to fighting off all the villains! And don’t think the parents will get let off easy either!

Included in the party will be our own Interactive Acrobatic Show, where we will show off our own superhero skills and we will perform acrobatic tricks over the top of the kids and any other guests at the event. This always goes down a storm with all the children keen to experience more.

No kids birthday party entertainment in Sydney would be complete without the cake cutting, singing happy birthday and the photos with everybody to wrap up the event. After all, it is not every day that a superhero will pay your child and their friends a visit! From our experience, it is something that the children will be talking about for the days and weeks following the event – it really is a memorable experience and something that is quite unique and only offered by The Superhero Experience!


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